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Getting Set Up with the Myko Mobile App

The Myko app is free and downloadable from the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. Just search for “Myko.”

The Myko app currently runs on:

  • iPhones and iPads currently running iOS 16.x, 15.x, 14.x, 13.x, or 12.x
  • Android products running Version 8 (“Oreo”) and above

Supported versions of the mobile operating systems (OS) will change over time as new versions are released by Apple and Google. Users should keep their mobile devices up to date with the latest available OS version.

Customer Services - The Myko app may also work with older versions of iOS and Android OS, but this is not guaranteed.

The Myko app requires that you have Bluetooth turned on, asks that you have enabled and allowed access to Location services, and requires access to the Camera, Bluetooth (“Nearby Devices” in Android) access is required for adding Myko products to your account and then controlling them when Wi-Fi is not available. Users do not need to pair their Myko products with Bluetooth explicitly; that will happen automatically in the background.

Location access permission is first requested when onboarding a product, as it is required for some specific products, such as when usingSunrise/Sunset in Scheduling. Access is not required to operate Myko products in general. Also, information provided when you allow Location service access can be helpful for support and diagnostic services. For more information, please refer to the Myko privacy policy.

Note: For Android mobile phones, please select "Precise" mode when turning on location services. This mode enables GPS.

Camera access is required to scan QR Codes when you add products to your Myko account.

The Privacy Policy and Terms of Service are available on and by opening the main menu in the Myko app:

  1. From the Myko Home screen, press the menu icon at the top-left of the screen. Then press My Myko Account where you will find the TERMS OF SERVICE or PRIVACY POLICY to open the relevant text.

Managing Myko Accounts and Adding Products

From your phone, download the Myko mobile app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

  1. Open the Myko app and press SIGN IN.
  2. Press REGISTER to create and sign into your new Myko account.
  3. To add a product, press the circular + icon in the lower-right of the screen, then select ADD A NEW PRODUCT. Note: At this point you may be prompted to turn on Bluetooth and allow access to both Location services and the Camera.
  4. On the Scan Product screen, scan the QR code on the new Myko product as directed on-screen.
  5. Connect your Myko product to power (if you have not already).
  6. Follow on-screen instructions in the app to set up Wi-Fi.

Yes. Follow these instructions:

  1. In the Myko app, press the circular icon + then select ADD A NEW PRODUCT.
  2. On the Scan Product screen, select “Cannot scan QR code?”
  3. Type in the 24-character code under the QR code sticker, or if that is not available, select from the menu to receive instructions on how to put the device into setup mode so it can be discovered.
  4. When the product or products are ready to be added, the Myko app will list the product(s). If multiple products are found, you can press the info icon on a specific product icon to cause it to pulse as the product identifies itself, for example, lighting products will blink on/off.
  5. As you add products, you will be prompted to name and add them to your Wi-Fi network.

If you are having trouble connecting to Myko and your product is powered-on and close by, the problem could be one of the following:

  1. QR code is lost or damaged. You can onboard the product by using the steps above in Can I set up a Myko product without a QR code?
  2. You are scanning the wrong QR code. Then refer to the Make sure to scan the QR code that is on your device or in the Quick Start Guide. If these continues, then, follow the instructions in Can I set up a Myko product without a QR Code?
  3. Non-Myko product. Double-check that the product is, in fact, a Myko product. Myko products will have a Myko logo and QR code, non-Myko products will not have a logo or QR code.
  4. Check that Bluetooth is turned on. Myko uses Bluetooth for initial setup.

Myko products require access to a 2.4GHz network. Make sure your Myko product is within range of your Wi-Fi signal.

The Myko app will display only 2.4GHz Wi-Fi networks that your Myko product can detect.

If you do not see your Wi-Fi network listed, make sure your Wi-Fi router has a 2.4GHz network enabled.

To remove a product from your Myko account:

  1. From the Myko Home screen, press the name of your product to open the product’s controls.
  2. Press SETTINGS in the lower-right corner of the screen to open the product Settings screen.
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the screen and press REMOVE.
  4. You will be asked to confirm.

Yes, it is simple. Tell them to scan the product’s QR code, confirm they want the product transferred, and it will be added to their account and removed from yours.

  • On the Account Log In screen, select FORGOT PASSWORD.
  • Enter the email address associated with your Myko account.
  • You will be sent a reset link that will take you to a web page where you can enter a new password.

Note: If you are already signed into your account, you will need to sign out to reach the Account sign in screen and the Forgot Password link.

If you do not receive the password reset email, check that you have entered the email address correctly and check your spam folder.

If you registered with an email address that you no longer have access to, or that is incorrect for some reason, you will need to create a new account and add devices to that account.

Yes. Myko allows multiple mobile devices to use the same account, allowing you to easily share access to your Myko products with people you trust. To share your account with your trusted friends and family, ask them to download the Myko app and then give them your Myko credentials.

Note - When sharing your account, you will give access to your administrative functions, set up and history

To delete your Myko account:

  1. From the Myko Home screen, press the menu icon ≡ at the top left of the screen.
    Press DELETE.

Note that this is permanent and cannot be undone. All data is deleted. If required, you can create a new account and add devices to it.

Controlling Myko Products through the App

There is a Controls screen and a Settings screen for each of your products.

On the product’s controls screen you can set status on/off, colours, speeds, and use other controls specific to your product. From this screen, you can also open the product Settings screen, where you can make advanced settings and view information for your product.

To reach your product’s controls:

  • Start from the Myko Home screen. You can always press PRODUCTS in the lower-left of the screen to get your bearings.
  • Tap your product’s entry on the screen. This will open your product’s controls. From this screen you can adjust the behaviour of your product, create schedules for your product, set a timer (if available), and open the product’s Settings screen (detailed below).

To open your product’s Settings screen:

  1. First go to the product’s controls screen, then press SETTINGS in the lower-right of the screen. Then the product’s Settings screen opens.
  2. At the top of this screen, some products may list “advanced” settings, but there are several sections that appear across all products: GENERAL, CONNECTIVITY, and INFO. These sections contain information about your product, including the name you chose when you added your product, its room assignment, network connectivity details, and more.
  3. For settings that you can edit, press the right-facing arrow

Yes, go to a product’s Settings screen. At the top of the screen you will see your product’s name, with its icon just to the left. Press the PRODUCT NAME field to change the Product's name. Press the icon to change the product's icon.

No, Myko products do not work when connected to electrical circuits that have traditional dimmers on the same circuit.

Myko products require full wall voltage to operate and control the lighting brightness using controls in the app. A traditional dimmer switch dims conventional bulbs by lowering the mains voltage on the circuit, which will cause Myko products to lose power and drop offline.

Yes. Myko allows you to place your products in groups and control them together. The controls that are available will be determined by the products you place in the group. This means:

If you create a group that consists of products with similar controls, such as multicoloured lights, you will be able to operate a number of features from this group. For this specific case, you would be able to manage the power, brightness, white temperature, colour selection, and presets for the entire group of lights.

If you create a group that consists of products with different types of controls, such as a light, and a smart plug, you will be able to operate only the controls that are common to all products. In this specific case, you would be able to turn power on and off to the group as a whole, but that is all.

Note: Products that are placed in groups can still be operated individually.

To create a group, do the following:

  1. On the Myko Home screen, press the circular + icon in the lower-right of the screen.
  2. From the options that open, select CREATE A NEW GROUP OF PRODUCTS.
  3. On the Create Group screen, enter a name for your group and select the products you want to include in the group.
  4. Press SAVE.

Your new group will be listed on the Home screen. Press the Group name to open the common controls for the group.

If you would like to access an individual product in the group, press that product’s entry on the Home screen, or expand the group by pressing the little down arrowhead, then select the product you want to control.

If you would like to add or remove products from the group, select the group from the Home screen to open the Group Controls screen. Press EDIT GROUP at the bottom of the screen.

From the Myko Home screen, open the main menu (upper-left on screen) and press ROOM MANAGEMENT. There you will see all your rooms, and how many products are in each room.

To edit or delete a room, press the menu icon to the right of the room name to open your options: EDIT NAME or DELETE ROOM.

Press CREATE A NEW ROOM at the bottom of the screen if you need another room.

”Favourites” are products or groups of products that you want to access quickly. Your list of Favourites is especially handy if you have a lot of Myko products on your Home page.

Add a product or group of products to your Favourites screen by doing the following:

  1. From the Home screen, press FAVOURITES at the bottom of the screen.
  2. If you have no existing favourites, a message confirms this. To add favourites, tap the circular + icon in the lower-right of the screen and select MANAGE YOUR FAVOURITE PRODUCTS.
  3. Your products and groups of products appear. Check the ones you want to appear on your Favourites screen, then press OK.
  4. You are returned to your Favourites screen with your recently selected products and group listed. From here you can open each product’s controls.

A Scenario captures the specific state of a product or a group of products, so you can return with one tap.

A Schedule enables the setting for a product or a group of products for a specific time.

An Automation enables a trigger to switch product or group of products to a specific state.

Here are some examples:

  1. After dinner, I go to my living room and relax. I have three lamps in the room and have adjusted their colour and brightness to just the way I like it in the evening. I like it so much I save the settings in a scenario that I name “After-Dinner Relaxing.”
  2. I decide I want the “After-Dinner Relaxing” scenario to go on automatically at 7:30pm each evening, so I set up a schedule for it, turning it on at 7:30pm and off at 10:30pm.
  3. I would like a scenario to trigger if the motion sensor by the front door detected motion between midnight and 5am, so I set up that too.

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